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Upcoming Bankruptcy Golf Equip. Auction

March 29th at 8am – April 5th at 2pm

174 Airport Rd
Rockingham, NC

Dates To Be Announced!

April 7th from 9am -3pm
April 10th from 9am -3pm

Selling for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Case B-15-81173


Gandy 10 ft. Seeder w/ Turf Marker Added, Serial # 86004
Terra Topper Spreader Heavy Duty Hydraulic Driven, Serial #901517
Lely Model W, Ground Driven Spreader, Type 2.3200.000.1
Gandy Push Drop Spreader, 43 Inches Wide
Slide-In Cooler for Gator
Slide-In Cooler for Club Car
John Deere Model 30 Reel Mower, Serial # M0GT30G050380
Bush Hog Model SQ480, Squealer Rotary Mower, 4 Ft. Wide, Rear Wheel Broke Off, All Parts Are Here
Agri Metal Model FA720 Aerator, Hydraulic Lift
John Deere Model 3225B Front Reel Mower, Showing 1542 Hours, Serial # TC3225T010249, With 3 Reels, Missing Misc. Parts- Fan, Hoses, Etc. Motor Will Start on Starter Fluid, 3 Cylinder Diesel Yanmar Model #015D002 Engine
John Deere 2500 Front Reel Motor, With 2 Reels, 3 Cylinder Yanmar Model 3TNE68C-NJG Diesel Engine, Motor Will Turn Over But Will Not Start, Missing Misc. Parts, Serial # TC2500D010444 With 2 Reel, 4735 Hours Showing
John Deere 2500 Front Reel Mower, 3 Cylinders Yanmar Model 3TNE68C-NJG, Engine Will Turn Over But Will Not Start, 4728 Hours Showing, Misc.. Mower Parts Missing, Serial # TC2500D010442
John Deere F1145 Front Reel Motor, 3 Cylinder Yanmar Model #3012D002, Engine Will Run On Starter Fluid, Seat Bad, Some Missing Mower Parts, 3367 Hours Showing, Serial #M01145X160290
Agri Metal Model BW 240 JD4 Blower
(4) John Deere 22 Inch VC Reel with Misc. Parts, 4 x The Money
John Deere 2000 Aercore Hood, Has Crack In It
(13) Plastic Grass Catchers, 13 x The Money
Creeper and Machinist Stool
Broyhil Push Sprayer and 24 Gallon Tank With Pump, Missing Lid On Tank
John Deere 800 Aerator With Kohler Model PS-62577 Gas Engine, Condition of Engine Unknown, Missing Hood and Misc. Parts
Olathe 4 Ft. 3 Pt. Hitch Aerator Offset, Model 83
(2) Top Link, (1) Is Bent
John Deere 1200A With Kawasaki Gas Engine Condition Unknown, Missing Engine Parts and Eq. Parts, Serial # T01200A10048, 5135 Hours Showing
Prorovost 10 Ft. x 57 Inch Dump Trailer With 16 Inch Sides, Missing 2 Wheel Tires, 1 Hub, Operator From Tractor With Tail Gate, Model P-516, No Title
John Deere 4 x 2 Turf Gator, For Parts
(3) John Deere Gator Fenders, New, 3 x The Money
(2) Fan Housing, Missing Fan and Motor, 2 x The Money
Hose Reel Misc. Hose
John Deere Model 22 Lawn Mower Trailer
(3) Push Leaf Blower, Missing Parts, 3 x The Money
(8) Allen Hover Mower, (2) Are Missing Engine and the Other (6) Are Missing Parts, 8 x The Money
(7) (4) Weed Trimmers, (3) Back Pack Blowers, All Missing Parts, 7 x The Money
John Deere 220A Walk Behind Greens Mower With Trailer and Honda Gas Engine, Condition of Engine is Unknown
John Deere 220A Walk Behind Greens Mower With Trailer and Honda Gas Engine, Condition of Engine is Unknown
John Deere 220A Walk Behind Greens Mower With Trailer and Honda Gas Engine, Condition of Engine is Unknown
Jacobsen Model A Walk Behind Greens Mower With Gas Engine, Condition of Engine is Unknown
(2) Reel Mower Trailer, (1) Without Rims and Tires, 2 x The Money
Misc. Wooden Stakes
2001 Club Car Turf Carry All With 3 Windshields
Partial Roll of Nylon Rope
(3) Trash Cans of Sand Trap Rakes, 3 x The Money
Barrel of Rakes and Misc. Tools, Trash Can of Markers
Misc. Tools, Shovels, Rake, Roller, Etc.
(2) Hand Sprayers, 2 x The Money
(4) 18 x 8.50-8NHS Golf Cart Rims and Tires, 4 x The Money
(11) Misc. Lawn Mower Tires and Golf Cart, 11 x The Money
Misc. Golf Course Signs
(5) Golf Ball Washers, 5 x The Money
(8) John Deere Lawn Mower Weights, Part # R55949J0, 8 x The Money
(2) Golf Course Hole Cutters, 2 x The Money
Drum Hand Pump
(18) Hole Flags With Cups, Has “Carolina” Printed On Them
Jacobsen 2 Cycle Gas Engine Concrete Float, No Handle, Small Floor Jack
8 Sand Boxes and Box of Tee Markers
(2) 55 Gallon Drums, (1) With Hand Pump and Propane Tank With Old Valve
(8) Scarified Teeth Shanks, 2 1/5 Inch Wide x 3/4 Inch Thick, 8 x The Money
Pair of Small Ramps
Sweep Master Turf Brush, 78 Inches Wide
John Deere Gator Bed 54 1/2 Inches Wide and 67 Inches Long
Corrugated Pipe 20 Ft. Long, 18 Inches In Diameter
2 Pieces of 15 Inch Diameter Corrugated Pope, (1) 11 Ft. and (1) 6 Ft., 6 Ft. is Damaged
Misc. Sizes and Lengths of Black Drain Pipe
Misc. 4 Inch Diameter Y’s Drain Pipe
Misc. Sizes and Lengths of Drain Pipe Couplings
Misc. Sizes and Lengths of Drain Pipe Couplings, Tees, Y’s, Elbows
Misc. 4 Inch Diameter Drain Pipe Tees an Elbows
Misc. Sizes and Lengths of PVC Pipe
Misc. Spit Rails, (2) 6x6x8 Treated Post, Section of Metal Radio Antenna
Electric Blade Sharpener
(2) PTO Shaft, (1) Shield, (1) Has Small Bend In It
Pallet of Misc. Used Mower Parts
Pallet of Misc. Used Mower Parts
Pallet of Misc. Used Mower Parts
Pallet of Misc. Used Mower Parts
Pallet of Misc. Used Mower Parts
Box of Misc. Used Mower Parts
Bolt Bin and Content of Misc. Bolts and Nuts
Reddy 110,000 BTU Space Heater
4 Inch Vise
Craftsman 8 1/2 Inch Drill Press, 5 Speed, 1/2 Inch Chuck
Vector Electronic Fly Trap
Chain Binder Pull Type
(6) Misc. Boxes and Buckets of Misc. Parts and Lubricants.
View Sonic Monitor and Toro Hard Drive
Magnavox 20 Inch TV With DVD Player
(9) Packs of Cone Water Cups, 9 x The Money
(7) Boxes Misc. Office Supplies
Premier Paper Cutter
Bunn 3 Burner Coffee Maker With 2 Pots Model # AX19M-DV-3, 3LRTPF
Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker and Toastmaster Toaster
(4) Golf Prints Framed and Under Glass, 4 x The Money
(12) Clear Binders, 24 1/2 x 37 Inches With Rack On Casters
(6) Boxes Atlas Golf Pencils, 114 Per Box, 6 x The Money
3 Boxes of 3 Ring Binders With Carolina Golf On Them
(5) Boxes of Misc. Office Supplies, 5 x The Money
Amano Model PIX-55 Time Card Machine
Misc. Plastic Storage Bins
Tri-Fold Blind With Mirrors On Front
(6) Chairs, (4) Stackable, (1) Folding, (1) Straight, 6 x The Money
Misc. Mower Manuals
Hoshizaki Model AM-150BAF Ice Maker,                             27 1/5 W x 27 D x 39 H
Manitowoc Model QY0204A Ice Maker, Does Not Work, 30 Inches W x 34 Inches D x 55 Inches H
Delfield 4 Door Refrigerator Unit, Will Not Cool,               51 Inches W x 33 Inches D x 79 1/2 Inches H
True Model TSID-48-2 Glass Front Refrigerator Unit With Glass Sliding Back Doors and Shelves, Condition Unknown, 48 Inches W x 29 Inches D x 51 Inches H
Delfield Model 4048-12 Food Prep Unit, Condition Unknown, 48 Inches W x 29 Inches D x 42 Inches H
Delfield Single Door Freezer, Condition Unknown,            25 Inches W x 32 Inches D x 80 Inches H
True Model TDD-2 2 Keg Cooler, Condition Unknown,     59 Inches W x 27 Inches D x 37 Inches H
Stainless Steel Top Table With Drawer,                                       72 Inches W x 30 Inches D x 36 Inches H
Stainless Steel Top Table With Drawer,                                       72 Inches W x 30 Inches D x 36 Inches H
Stainless Steel Top Table,                                                        96 Inches W x 30 Inches D x 36 Inches H
(12) Igloo 10 Gallon Water Cooler, All Have Damaged Bottoms, 12 x The Money
(6) Cooler Cup Holders, 6 x The Money
Partial Roll of 12 AWG-UL Single Wire
(12) Rubbermaid Trash Cans, 12 x The Money
Plastic Barrel Without Lids and Buckets
True Temper Wheelbarrow and Water Hose, Wheelbarrow Has Flat Tire and Water Hose Is Missing End
Shop Fan
Shop Fan
Cannon Model C2550 Color Image Runner Copier, Serial # JER34418
Pine Display Rack
Wooden Stool and Small Table
Wooden Display With Shelves,                                              79 Inches W x 44 Inches D x 56 Inches H
Wooden Display, 48 Inches W x 18 Inches D x 82 Inches H
Hon 4 Drawer Metal File Cabinet With Lock and Key
(2) Wooden Shelves, 2 x The Money
(2) Wooden Shirt Displays, (1) Missing A Hanging Arm, 2 x The Money
(3) 2 Drawer Metal File Cabinet, (1) On Casters, 3 x The Money
Coat/Hat Rack
Misc. Wooden Clothes Hangers and Misc. Kitchen Supplies
Wooden Desk, 72 Inches W x 36 Inches D x 29 Inches H
Wooden Desk, 72 Inches W x 36 Inches D x 29 Inches H
Small Wooden Desk,                                                                66 Inches W x 20 Inches D x 29 Inches H
Small Wooden Desk, Missing One Drawer                                                            66 Inches W x 20 Inches D x 29 Inches H
Small Wooden Desk,                                                                52 Inches W x 20 Inches D x 30 Inches H
Metal Desk With Wooden Top,                                              60 Inches W x 30 Inches D x 29 Inches H
Metal Desk With Wooden Top,  Has Damage On Top Right Corner, 60 Inches W x 30 Inches D x 29 Inches H
Metal Desk With Wooden Top,  Has Damage On Top Right Corner, 60 Inches W x 30 Inches D x 29 Inches H
Wooden Shelf and Fabric Over Stool
Wooden Stool
(2) Metal Shelves, 36 Inches W x 15 Inches D x 70 Inches H
Campbell Hausfeld 6.5 HP, 60 Gallon Tank Air Compressor
Can Drink Machine, Holds 12 oz. Cans, Bill Insert Is Damaged, 8 Button Selectors, No Key
(82) 50 lb. Bags of Southern States 22-0-0 Fertilizer, 82 x The Money

All items in this auction are selling “AS-IS, WHERE IS” with all faults, if any. Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc. makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the items being sold. Descriptions of the items are believed to be correct, but are not guaranteed. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to conduct any inspections prior to the auction. All due diligence periods end the date the auction is scheduled to end and prior to the end of the auction. It is possible that the property being sold is subject to local, state and federal regulatory authorities and it is the Buyer’s responsibility to ascertain if they are subject to regulation and permitting. Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc. has attempted to find or locate all information deemed material facts. Ultimately, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to inspect all aspects of the items before placing a bid. No sale shall be invalidated by the Buyer as a result of he/she not conducting their own inspection prior to placing a bid or doing due diligence. It is automatically acknowledged by placing a bid that you have personally inspected the property, hired an agent to inspect the property, or waived your right to inspect the property.

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Quarry Hills Country Club- Alamance Cty-10 Day Raise Period

10 Day Raise of Bid In Effect Until January 12th at 5pm

Current Bid is $744,187.50 next bid to

upset would be $781,396.88

Please Call The Alamance County

Courthouse at 336-570-5200

Foreclosure Auction of Quarry Hills Country Club and Clubhouse

Selling For The General Court Of Justice Superior Court Division
File- 14-SP-455

Graham, NC. – Alamance County

Real Estate Auction- Friday, December 12th at 11 am
Personal Property Auction Tuesday, December 16th at 10 am

10 Day Raise Of Bid In Effect After The Auction

1 Court Square
Graham, NC 27253


1300 George Bason
Graham, NC 27253

Alamance County Court House
1 Court Square
Graham, NC 27253

Call the Iron Horse Auction Office at 910-997-2248 to schedule an appointment.
Monday, November 24th from 10am- 2pm
Monday, December 1st from 10am – 2pm
Thursday, December 11th from 10 am – 2pm

Currently operated as an 18 hole golf course, designed by Ellis Maples and opened in 1970. The property has a 15,000+/- sq. ft. clubhouse/event center/pro shop that was built in 1993. The golf course yardage is 6,617+/- yards from the longest tees. Has a rating of 72.9 with a slope rating of 135 on Bermuda Grass.

This property can be operated as a golf course or developed as a residential housing project.

Extensive frontage on the Haw River with fabulous views, gentle rolling hills and only minutes to Burlington, Graham and Chapel Hill.

* Maintenance Building
* Golf Cart Building
* Several Lakes
* Frontage on NC Highway 54
* No Zoning
* Water & Sewer Capacity Available
* Clubhouse has Banquet Room, Bar Area, Restaurant, Pro Shop
* 155+/- Acres

2.8 Miles to Graham
22 Miles to Chapel Hill
29 Miles to Greensboro

Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc.

PO Box 1267-Rockingham, NC 28380
800-997-2248 – NCAL 3936 SCAL 1684

– See more at:

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Upcoming Auctions For Iron Horse Auction


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70 Acre Executive Home- Asheboro, NC

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Zeek Rewards Headquarters, Inventory Up For Auction

Zeek Rewards Headquarters, Inventory Up For Auction


The former headquarters of collapsed Ponzi scheme Zeek Rewards, as well as thousands of items such as country music memorabilia and office equipment, is scheduled to be auctioned off next week as the court-appointed receiver seeks to amass funds for eventual distribution to victims that suffered nearly $600 million in collective losses. The auction, which is scheduled to be held at Zeek’s former warehouse in Lexington, North Carolina, is scheduled for December 16th and 17th, and will allow interested parties a chance to bid on the schemes former warehouse and headquarters, as well as a variety of personal items seized when authorities shut down the scheme.  

Back in October, court-appointed receiver Kenneth Bell sought court approval to conduct the auction, arguing that the proposed auction “will result in additional cash being deposited into the Receivership Estate’s accounts and will increase the overall recovery for claimants.”  The Receiver also sought to auction thousands of pieces of personal property that had been located in the various offices seized in the aftermath of the scheme.  Notably, the Receiver indicated that he anticipated “certain third parties will claim an interest in some portion or all of this property,” and requested the presence of a United States Marshall in addition to the auction company’s provided security “in the event that there are any challenges to the Receiver’s authority to auction the real and personal property.”  U.S District Judge Graham Mullen signed an order approving the proposed terms of the auction in late October.

The two properties up for auction include the building that formerly served as Zeek’s primary office and  an attached laundromat.  In addition to the real properties, the items up for auction include an extensive country music memorabilia collection that includes autographed items, guitars, and even clothing worn by famous country entertainers including Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson, and Travis Tritt.  An official from Iron Horse Auction Co., which is overseeing the auction, remarked that “it’s a big collection and is drawing a lot of attention.”  Both the real properties and the memorabilia collection are scheduled to be auctioned off on Monday, December 16th.  On Tuesday, December 17th, a variety of furniture and office equipment will be offered for auction, including bedroom sets, office chairs, and even a “heavily soiled” love seat.  

Interested bidders will not only be able to attend the auction in person, but will also be able to submit bids through an online portal established by the auctioneer company.  This portal, available in two separate webpages for the Monday andTuesday sale, is currently live and the entire auction catalog is available for browsing.  

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Miami Herald: Zeek property being auctioned in NC to raise money

Zeek property being auctioned in NC to raise money



CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Items owned by a North Carolina company that bilked more than $600 million from investors in a Ponzi scheme are being auctioned to help a federal court-appointed receiver recoup some of the money.

The merchandise includes a warehouse, office building and furniture, as well as promotional materials such as water bottles, coffee mugs and pens.

But half of the more than 1,000 items on the list for the Rex Venture Group’s auction next week are reminders of the owner’s country music past.

Paul Burks owned Rex Venture, which operated Lexington, N.C.-based online company ZeekRewards. Burks, 66, was a former county music disc jockey and magician, who performed in nursing homes in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Federal investigators found a massive country music memorabilia collection in 2012 after Burks’ company was shut down during a fraud investigation. The memorabilia include pictures and prints autographed by country music stars, record label awards and costumes made by an iconic Nashville designer.

“It’s a big collection and is drawing a lot of attention,” said William Lilly Jr. of Iron Horse Auction Co., of Rockingham, N.C.

The company is handling the two-day auction, which begins Monday. People can view the items on the company’s website.

A federal judge two months ago gave permission to receiver Kenneth Bell to sell Rex Venture’s personal property items at a public auction.

Bell, a Charlotte attorney, said Monday that the collection was found in a company warehouse. He said he couldn’t put a value on how much the items were worth, but said proceeds of the auction will be added to a fund for people who lost money in the scam.

The auction is the latest development in one of the largest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history.

Authorities say Burks was the mastermind of the scam, which attracted 1 million investors, including nearly 50,000 in North Carolina.

Rex Venture operated several online ventures, including, a penny auction site, and ZeekRewards, a business designed to drive traffic to the penny auction.

The Securities and Exchange Commission, which closed the operation Aug. 17, 2012, accused Burks in a civil complaint of fraud. The SEC said the scheme used money from new investors to pay the earlier ones. Investigators also say Burks siphoned millions for his personal use. But he has not been charged with a crime. He has agreed to pay a $4 million penalty and cooperate with the receiver.

Burks has told The Associated Press he couldn’t discuss details of the case, but that he never told anyone to invest more money than they could afford.

Long before Rex Venture, Burks, who grew up in Louisiana, worked as a country music disc jockey. He became friends with country singer David Houston, who had a string of country hits in the 1960 and 1970s.

In the 1980s, Houston began performing at nursing homes, saying he wanted to give something back to the community. Burks joined him, opening as a magician who also sometimes sang and told jokes. He worked with Houston until the country singer’s death in 1993.

At the time of Houston’s death, Burks was living in North Carolina.

Several items being auctioned belonged to singer Barbara Mandrell, who performed with Houston at the beginning of her career in the early 1970s. They include an outfit she wore in the mid-1990s: matching blue jacket, pants and boots. She also signed a guitar.

Meanwhile, the victims are still waiting to see if they will get any money back.

Of the hundreds of millions that were paid out to investors, Bell has recovered more than $320 million. So far, 175,000 people have filed claims.


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Federal judge approves Zeek fees and expenses

Federal judge approves Zeek fees and expenses

Published: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 1:58 p.m.
Last Modified: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 1:58 p.m.

A federal judge approved nearly $1.6 million in fees and expenses this week for the team recovering money connected to alleged Ponzi scheme Zeek Rewards.

The money to be paid to the team of attorneys and data consultants stems from the total being collected for “net losers” of the alleged scheme.

U.S. District Judge Graham Mullen approved about $1 million for attorneys and staff from the Charlotte law firm McGuireWoods, including receiver Ken Bell. Mullen also approved about $622,000 for staff at FTI Consulting, which the receiver hired to sort through the company’s dense and complex records.

The total granted to the receivership team is less than .51 percent of the nearly $330 million collected for “net losers” to date, according to court documents filed in U.S. District Court in Charlotte. The money was requested for work completed during the third quarter, from July 1 to Sept. 30.

Including the latest quarter, Mullen has authorized about $5.2 million for fees and expenses for the receivership team. Bell said that amounts to less than 1.7 percent of the total recovery.

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Coca Cola Memorabilia Auction to Be Held

Coca-Cola Memorabilia and Collectibles Selling At Auction in Biscoe, NC

Rockingham, NC – October 11, 2013 – It was announced today that The Scott Family, the original and only owners of the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in Biscoe, NC, are selling at public auction the Coca-Cola memorabilia, collectibles, equipment and real estate associated with their former business.   Bottling operations began at the plant in 1909 and continued until the business was sold to Coke Consolidated in 1990. Even though bottling operations stopped in 1990, many of the Coca-Cola advertising, promotional, point-of-sale and marketing items have remained from the inception in museum quality condition and are being offered to the highest bidder.   

The sale will include memorabilia from a by-gone era of independent, small town Coca-Cola Bottlers.   The owner is providing a signed and notarized Letter of Authenticity and Certificate of Ownership for the collectibles and memorabilia. Some items are new and still in the original shipping cartons.  All the Coca-Cola items and memorabilia are authentic, genuine, and original.   Most collectibles are Coke related items but there are also Tab, Sprite, Fanta and Dr. Pepper memorabilia.  Items being offered are advertising signage, collegiate collectible bottles, Coca-Cola vending machines, drink boxes, syrup bottles, Coca-Cola clocks, tins, pins, pens, drinking glasses (in original shipping boxes), drink bottle cartons, independent bottler items, Frisbees, ash trays, serving trays, umbrellas, pocket knives, bottle racks, coolers, buttons, caps, crates and napkins.   Other items being offered are a 1959 Chris Craft Continental, Victor Victrola Talking Machine, numerous merchandising training vinyls  (33 1/3’s) and other items and equipment too numerous to mention.

The auction is being administered by Iron Horse Auction Company through an online auction beginning on October 24 and ending on October 30.  “This is an opportunity to acquire some unique, hard to find Coke collectibles that are in museum quality and mint condition.   We rarely find Coke items in these quantities and in this condition.”  said Thomas McInnis of Iron Horse.  This sale presents an opportunity for collectors to purchase an authentic piece of American Coca-Cola advertising. 

The bottling facility property and several adjoining parcels will also be offered for sale by Iron Horse.   This auction will be conducted through an on-line auction with a live ending on November 1st at the First Bank Conference Center in Troy, NC.   The property is being offered in 5 parcels, all located on S. Main Street and Oak Street in Biscoe, NC.  

For more information call 910-997-2248 or visit our website at

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

For interviews, contact:
Thomas McInnis at 910-997-1555
Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc.
174 Airport Road, Rockingham, NC 28379

Auction Newspaper Article From “The Pilot” Newspaper; John Lentz 8-6-2013

North Moore High School Robbins, NC and Pleasant View Friends Church of Eagle Springs, NC to Receive Estate Funds


Rockingham, NC – July 17, 2013 – It was announced today that the Estate of Helen B. Williams has bequested her estate to North Moore High School to establish a Scholarship Fund for local students in loving memory of her daughter, Delilah Ann Williams, who was a graduate of North Moore High School and a Teacher at Elise Middle School and to Pleasant View Friends               Church to maintain the cemetery and assist with upcoming projects in loving memory of her husband, George Shelton “Shell” Williams and her daughter, Delilah Ann Williams.


Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc. of Rockingham has been commissioned by the Estate to sell the physical assets of the estate which includes 50.45+/-          Acres of Land, A Beautiful Country Home & All Personal Property in the home including many custom pieces of embroidery, quilts and dolls made by Ms.          Williams and the Merchantable Timber on the Property.

Kathleen B. Simmons, Personal  Representative for the Estate and The Law Firm of Thigpen and Jenkins, L.L.P. of Robbins, NC is handling the legal affairs for the Estate.


Thomas McInnis of Iron Horse states, “Only on a very rare occasion do we find ourselves handling the estate of such a generous member of society.  To leave ones entire estate for the betterment of ones community is the greatest compliment that can be paid to an individual.  We are greatly honored to have been chosen to handle this important matter for the estate and Robbins Community.”


Personal Property Auction will end on August 8th at 2pm and is Online Only. The Sealed  Bid Auction will be held on August 30th  at 2pm. The Real Estate Auction will be held on August 30th at 3pm. The Real Estate Bid Center and Sealed Bid Location is at First Baptist Church, in the Fellowship Hall at 651 Hemp Street, Robbins, NC  27325.  Enter through white double doors.


For further information, go to or call:



*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


For interviews, contact:

Thomas McInnis at 910-997-1555

Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc.

174 Airport Road

Rockingham, NC 28379